Rzadkiewa Falabella Olympia

Te koopNee


Olympia our star in the foalbarn in the year of the olympics!
She was born as a pintaloosa but turns in a leopard appaloosa in a few months time.She has blue eyes.
As a yearling she won the European Title : most beautifull appaloosa. She was second in the yearlingclass and won a gold medal / first premium award.
In 2015 she was approved as breedingmare and veterinary tested. She was first placed and got a golden medal/ first premium award
In foal of Tycho for a 2017 foal.

Note: Leopards appaloosa is one of the most if not THE MOST difficult colour to breed. They are very rare. strange enough are most of the foals who are born in tyhis unique colour males.
Leopard Appaloosa is also one of the most wanted colours .
Olympia has leopard appaloosa genes from both parents.
her father Fuente is a leopard appalooisa himself but very rare : He gives this colour also tt his foals!

Fuente (V)   Fantouche (VV)   Pinturero (VVV)   Pistacho (VVVV)
  Relatora (MVVV)
  Diableja (MVV)   Browbla (VMVV)
  Geoplena (MMVV)
  Nocturna (MV)   Yuque (VMV)   Trofeo (VVM)
  Consabida (MVMV)
  Roseola (MMV)   Arbolit (VMMV)
  Utilisima (MMMV)
Equuleus Odetta (M)   Fabio (VM)   Trofeo (VVM)   Pinturero (VVVM)
  Diableja (MVVM)
Binaria (MVM)   locomotive VMVM
  Recondita (MMVM)
  Evangelica Looking Glass (MM)