Rzadkiewa Falabella Taniya

Kleursmokey black
Te koopNee


Beautifull mare , born on 29 june 2010; black .83 cm
55 cm with birth.Will stay small in size .
Lovely sweet, people loving filly . Very refined with short dished head and big eyes like the arabian horse we love so much.
Her strong movement, she inherited from both parents.Very sweet character!.
A daughter from the great black and white pinto stallion Tycho ; Supreme Europa Champion 2009, and the black Toyland Tiny Tina a rare daughter of the late appaloosastallion Zodiac from Toyland miniatures.
When breed to a colourfull stallion,she is able to give not only pinto foals but also appaloosafoals. She's a smokey black , that means she has a dilute colourgen.

Tycho (V)   Mordaz (VV)   Giliberto (VVV)   Browband (VVVV)
  Cononica (MVVV)
  Apersaria (MVV)   Bienpua (VMVV)
  Desvelada (MMVV)
  Anabelen (MV)   Atalaya (VMV)   HFS Macho (VVM)
  Ala Gurda (MVMV)
  Cumbreada (MMV)   Trompifai (VMMV)
  Iranesa (MMMV)
Toyland Tiny Tina (M)   Zodiac (VM)   HFS Macho (VVM)  
HFS Carmen (MVM)   Falabellastallion from Arg. VMVM
  Falabellamare from Arg. (MMVM)
    Toyland Jiminey Cricket (VMM)   Oregano 2 (VVMM)
  HFS Carmen (MVMM)
  Toyland Trixie (MMM)   Sea Watch (VMMM)
  Melanie (MMMM)