Rzadkiewa Falabella Tarique

KleurZwart-panterbonte appaloosa
Te koopNee


Zwart panterbonte hengstveulen / black leopard colt
Born: 20 april 2013
A very stunning young colt with a lots of charisma!
The first son of Toyland Triqia , who we imported from the U.S to confirm the appaloosacolour in our herd.
Tarique is a very playfullcolt and he loves to get attention from people .(And from the mares!)
We expect him to be a promising future herdsire!

Fuente (V)   Fantouche (VV)   Pinturero (VVV)   Pistacho (VVVV)
  Relatora (MVVV)
  Diableja (MVV)   Browbla (VMVV)
  Geoplena (MMVV)
  Nocturna (MV)   Yuque (VMV)   Falabella (VVM)
  Consabida (MVMV)
  Roseola (MMV)   Arbolit (VMMV)
  Utilisima (MMMV)
Triqia (M)   Buttoneer (VM)   Falabella (VVM)  
Falabella (MVM)  
    Falabella (VMM)  
  Falabella (MMM)