Rzadkiewa Falabella Odessa

Te koopNee


Pintaloosa merrie/ mare
Born : 18-04-2013
Born as a black and white pinto , but the spots on her back coming in more and more .
Odessa is a very refined Falabella with very good movements.
Her mother Odetta won a golden medal in the progencyclass at the European Falabellashow in 2013 with her and her sister Olympia .
Her sister olympia became European Champion 87 cm and under after winning her class
Odessa won a golde4n award / first premium at the inspection / European Falabellashow

Fuente (V)   Fantouche (VV)   Pinturero (VVV)   Pistacho (VVVV)
  Relatora (MVVV)
  Diableja (MVV)   Browbla (VMVV)
  Geoplena (MMVV)
  Nocturna (MV)   Yuque (VMV)   Trofeo (VVM)
  Consabida (MVMV)
  Roseola (MMV)   Arbolit (VMMV)
  Utilisima (MMMV)
Equuleus Odetta (M)   Fabio (VM)   Trofeo (VVM)   Pinturero (VVVM)
  Diableja (MVVM)
Binaria (MVM)   locomotive VMVM
  Recondita (MMVM)
  looking glass evangelica (MM)